What I’m up to right now:

  • Founder: SolSeed … Seed Village, Happy in the Sun, SpaceWiki, the Orbital Railway
  • Producer: Gaia’s Heartbeat Music Video

Recent past or on hold:

  • Co-host: Concerning AI … 70+ podcast episodes that take a philosophical look at AI and machine learning … last episode 2018 Concerning AI Podcast
  • Founder: Serene Machine … ideal ops for your app … shuttered in 2015 Moe, Serene's Panda Mascot
  • Founder: Awakening Science Foundation … the Science Action Network
  • Board: Buckman Community Association … the annual picnic
  • Board: Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Coalition

This is a basic personal page and blog for Brandon CS Sanders. Over the years I’ve had a number of this type of sites that I’ve either self-hosted or published on a popular platform. I’m trying to simplify things a bit this time … hence github pages with the static site generator Jekyll.